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Home Improvment Testimonials

Another job well done!

Thanks Bunches!


Installed new basebord and trim


The deck looks great!

I would like to get estimates for exterior painting and garage work too.



Deck washed & stained/sealed

Dear Norm,

Here is the check for invoice No. 6199.

With it is our personal commendation to your men for their adaptability to the complicated scheduling associated with the carpet installation. We feared for a time that the installer had fractured the plans beyond recovery. Even then, your people were willing to adapt. Luckily, it all worked out. We hope you will pass on our compliments and gratitude for their good work.

When you look behind that quality of service, you'll find some highly competent management,

And we salute you for that.

Sincerely yours,


Moved items

Dear Sir,

Thank you for doing a very nice job. I really like the color too. Thank you for selecting a good one for me.

Thank you for measuring and helping with the dishwasher decision. If you have any more suggestions we would appreciate that.

We appreciate your kindness and good painting.

In appreciation


Interior Painting

The ceiling looks great! Once I get it painted you won't be able to tell where it was.


Drywall Repair

To the entire staff-

Thanks for a job well done. You were great to work with, had good ideas and left me very happy and satisfied with the results. I am singing your praises to my friends,



Several Home Repairs

Thanks for the prompt good work at a reasonable charge.


Roof Heat Tape

Thanks for the nice painting job!

Bob Sr


Thanks for the fast great service!

The Mumms

General Home Repairs

Thank you for moving the furniture & hooking up my TV. The two young men that came were very nice and certainly efficient.

Thank you for the service


Moving & Item Disposal

Please give extra thanks and praise to Chad and his coworker. They were prompt, professional, polite and just darn nice!!!


General Repairs

Just a note to say a big "thank-you" for your good works in helping us with hauling items out to get our farmers house ready for sale.

Also we felt your charge was very reasonable.



Item Disposal

Excellent job!

Thank You!


Exterior House Painting & Install New Shutters

Thanks, Norm I appreciate the good work you do.


Install New Light Switch & Sump Pump

The Maintenance Crew-

Thank you for all your work to help make our classroom a safe place to learn and grow! We love when you visit our classroom and we can chat and ask you questions about your tools ( ; 

Love The Shooting Starr (Eagles Loft Daycare)


General Repairs & Maintenance

Thanks for great service and a great job. I am delighted with my living room wall and my new sun room blinds. It all looks good!


Painting & Installed New Window Blinds

Thank you for the good service!

Sincerely yours,


Moved items to new home
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