lawn mowing service At PSA our grounds care team provides professional lawn mowing services that will free up your evenings and weekends for you.

Our affordable lawn cutting prices combined with our expertise and best practices will provide you with a beautifully manicured lawn. When mowing, we use the 1/3 rule as much as possible: not removing more then 1/3 of the grass height per cutting. We keep your lawn at 3" which is the recommendation given by Iowa State University Turf Department.

Keeping your lawn in top shape usually requires weekly mowing. However, in the spring it may need to be done more frequently. PSA only mows your lawn if it is needed. We will skip your weekly lawn mowing service during hot dry periods.

The height of the grass is roughly the depth of it's root system. Cutting your lawn too short can stunt root growth and weaken the plant making your lawn more susceptible to develop insect problems, weed infestation, and burn out. On the flip side, allowing your lawn to get to long can cause lay-over and the soil will retain too much moisture encouraging mold and other disease problems. At the end of the mowing season we recommend making sure you put your turf "to bed" for the winter at a 3" height to avoid as much winter kill as possible.

Although the PSA ground crews will happily bag your lawn if requested, we highly recommend leaving grass clippings on the lawn. These clippings will decompose and return needed nutrients back into the soil. Wherever possible, PSA grounds crews switch mowing directions regularly to reduce soil compaction, keeping your grass from laying over and ruts being formed. With PSA, you will experience customer oriented service and excellent lawn cutting prices.

To help maintain the health of your lawn, PSA recommends scheduling lawn mowing services on a regular basis, having your lawn aerated 1 to 2 times per year, implementing a good fertilization & weed control program, and proper clean up of leaves every spring/fall. We will be happy to provide any of these services for you.

Contact PSA today to get free estimates on lawn cutting prices and any of our grounds services. Lets us "Make Your Life Easier" and free up your weekends by taking care of all your lawn & grounds care needs for you.