trimming bushesAt PSA we are ready to give your shrubs, bushes and trees that manicured look you want. We provide shrub, bush and tree trimming as well as removal. We get your bushes and shrubs looking good for spring and summer by giving them the shaping they need. If some bushes no longer compliment your landscaping, we will remove them for you. We also provide that mid-summer trimming service when your bushes and shrubs are ready to have the new growth trimmed and manicured to give that nice even look as well as fall trimming getting them ready for the harsh winters.

PSA provides tree trimming and removal services. Removing low tree branches that block out the sun will give you a healthier lawn. Removing unnecessary branches helps prevent disease by letting more sun and air reach the center of your tree and branches that rub against each other invites disease.

Trees and shrubs may possibly be the number one asset for curb appeal to your property. Keeping them trimmed will keep them healthy and beautiful for you.

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