Property Service Agency

Property Service Agency (Ames, IA) in a family owned & operated small business. We have been providing remodeling, home improvements, construction, siding, painting, lawn & grounds care & property management services in the Ames area for over 25 years. We are proud to serve the Ames area and to make your life easier with our construction, remodeling, home improvement & lawn care services.


Construction & Remodeling

Property Service Agency (Ames, IA) provides a wide range of remodeling, basement finishing, siding & construction services combined with knowledgeable & friendly employees and great customer service makes us good fit for you.


Home Improvement

Key factors to a quality home improvement/remodeling project are using premium products and customized services, as well as a trustworthy painter, contractor or remodeler. PSA can provide all of these for you.



Having a healthy beautiful looking lawn takes time and a lot of hard work. PSA has been freeing up peoples weekends for years by providing them a full range of lawn care services.


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